When you meet the woman of your dreams

woman dreams
 I'll get into a time machine and take a trip to visit me when I was 18, I would say you do not have a girlfriend because he stole my pickup to improve skills. At a much deeper level with her for a year made me hear the other girls I need more time to understand what I was really thinking about a girl. Do not get me wrong, I am very happy to have a girlfriend, Jennifer and it was my first girlfriend. We love each other, or at least that's what I thought love was like a 18-year-old boy. Today, I look back at this 18 years and I can just how little I know pickup smiles, love and even dating. At that time I thought I would get married. He has all the qualities I was looking for a young woman.

She's smart, beautiful and selfless. I do not know anyone when they seem to develop strong feelings for him like that. Your brain is actually melodies mistakes and focus on their quality. I thought our love would last forever. I really do not understand. I wonder what percentage of married men have a first or second girl, then compare it with a specific level of divorce. Based on my observations and experience, and talking with thousands of men and women over the years, I came to the conclusion that people who marry in the first or second girl, the highest divorce rate significantly compared with those who have more experience in dating. It is a fact that people who get married before the age of 21 have a divorce rate of 80%!

So what do I do with all this? The purpose of this article is to emphasize that in arrangement to gather and find the woman of your dreams, you know, who he is. In other words, you have to know exactly what you want in a woman. That's why I'm not married people, it is recommended at age 30 and have at least 25 different women. Why? Because I guarantee you that the person is attractive at 18 and at the age of 30 years to the day and night. They are very different, because you have more life experience than the others. I understand that there are exceptions, but most of the time correct.

Once, I heard a woman say: "I found so many frog to prince" He does not know what he's saying very profound view is also .. men. You should go with a lot of frogs to find your daughter for fucking, and even then you can not let your guard down. Once I had a friend in love with a woman who had used to be a model. He was tall, smart and very sweet. At least that's what I thought when I met him. But time has a way to allow people to show their true colors. After a year of dating (I ignore my friend usually three years), my friend suggested to her boyfriend. She was happy and excited.

Then my friend took the ring and put it on her finger. To his surprise, he gave her a ring and asked great! My friends think he loves this woman and I do not want to lose him, he took a second mortgage on the house and bought a big ring. I have not had the courage to tell him that if I had to, I would fall in place left. Who is more important than material things qualities such as love, honesty, truth, etc., not a man to have a serious relationship with. But my acquaintance was blindfolded by "love."
woman dreams

This is what is in my mind, always vigilant. You must not relax standards and your ability to qualify for a woman, no matter how much time you have invested in it. Several years ago, I met a beautiful Latin woman is 25 and studying for his doctorate, brains and they have a nice face and body by smoking. But when I caught cheating on me, I threw it to the ground. No amount of crying, pleading, begging, or you will not change my opinion of myself. Why? Because the most important thing in any relationship, it's me. Why is this young woman will have the opportunity to jump me in the whole world? He wanted to remain friends, but I was told that I had more friends than I run, I do not need anymore. A week later, I had created a different day 8, with a few dating sites.

So if you want to meet a woman of your dreams, you have to first know exactly what you want in a woman. You can do this, go with lots of women. No matter what your parents taught you. No matter what you think, what you want in a woman, because if you do not experience these things will never be their master for himself. Of course, some people are lucky and end up married woman of his dreams, but the probability and statistics show that the only people who get "lucky". Do not depend on luck, and I do not need. So go out and make a lot of efforts to date and and fun. Because every woman you approach the woman of his dreams today.